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January 13, 2021

We’re wondering if you’ve ever considered taking the content from and converting it into videos to promote on social media platforms such as Youtube?
It’s another ‘rod in the pond’ in terms of traffic generation, as so many people use Youtube.
You can read a bit more about the software here:
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Milo Hervey

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January 8, 2021

Happy New Year!!!
See our presents and offer from our team:

Jerald Heisler

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January 6, 2021

It is with sad regret to inform you is shutting down. It has been a tough year all round and we decided to sell our business.
Any group of databases listed below is $49 or $149 for all 16 databases in this one time offer. You can purchase it on and see samples there if you are interested.
LinkedIn Database 43,535,433 LinkedIn Records
USA B2B Companies Database
28,147,835 Companies
Forex South Africa 113,550 Forex Traders
Forex Australia 135,696 Forex Traders
Forex UK 779,674 Forex Traders
South African Databases
B2B Companies Database 1,462,227 Companies
Directors Database 758,834 Directors
Healthcare Database 376,599 Medical Professionals
Wholesalers Database 106,932 Wholesalers
Real Estate Agent Database 257,980 Estate Agents
Forex South Africa 113,550 Forex Traders
UK Companies Database
521,303 Companies
German Companies Database 2,209,191 Companies
German Executives Database 985,048 Executives
Australia Companies Database 1,806,596 Companies
UAE Companies Database 950,652 Companies
Affiliate Marketers Database 494,909

Lenard Bosley


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January 4, 2021

Hey there, I just found your site, quick question…
My name’s Eric, I found after doing a quick search – you showed up near the top of the rankings, so whatever you’re doing for SEO, looks like it’s working well.
So here’s my question – what happens AFTER someone lands on your site? Anything?
Research tells us at least 70% of the people who find your site, after a quick once-over, they disappear… forever.
That means that all the work and effort you put into getting them to show up, goes down the tubes.
Why would you want all that good work – and the great site you’ve built – go to waste?
Because the odds are they’ll just skip over calling or even grabbing their phone, leaving you high and dry.
But here’s a thought… what if you could make it super-simple for someone to raise their hand, say, “okay, let’s talk” without requiring them to even pull their cell phone from their pocket?

You can – thanks to revolutionary new software that can literally make that first call happen NOW.
Talk With Web Visitor is a software widget that sits on your site, ready and waiting to capture any visitor’s Name, Email address and Phone Number. It lets you know IMMEDIATELY – so that you can talk to that lead while they’re still there at your site.

You know, strike when the iron’s hot!
CLICK HERE to try out a Live Demo with Talk With Web Visitor now to see exactly how it works.
When targeting leads, you HAVE to act fast – the difference between contacting someone within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes later is huge – like 100 times better!
That’s why you should check out our new SMS Text With Lead feature as well… once you’ve captured the phone number of the website visitor, you can automatically kick off a text message (SMS) conversation with them.

Imagine how powerful this could be – even if they don’t take you up on your offer immediately, you can stay in touch with them using text messages to make new offers, provide links to great content, and build your credibility.
Just this alone could be a game changer to make your website even more effective.
Strike when the iron’s hot!
CLICK HERE to learn more about everything Talk With Web Visitor can do for your business – you’ll be amazed.
Thanks and keep up the great work!
PS: Talk With Web Visitor offers a FREE 14 days trial – you could be converting up to 100x more leads immediately!
It even includes International Long Distance Calling.
Stop wasting money chasing eyeballs that don’t turn into paying customers.
CLICK HERE to try Talk With Web Visitor now.
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Eric Jones

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January 4, 2021

Contact 0Byte Solutions ( IMMEDIATELY!
You are allowing random hackers and scam-artists to use your site to publish whatever they want to it.
You should never allow random people to post whatever they want and allow it to be publicly published as live content!
What if someone decided to post something illegal or extremely vulgar?
This kind of security risk could even get your website BLACKLISTED by Google.
0Byte Solutions can help secure your website and prevent this kind of abuse.
0Byte Solutions can clean up and improve the performance of your site.
0Byte Solutions can also help reduce your website expenses, improve your computer security and MUCH, MUCH more.
If you are a customer or website visitor, and you own a website – DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!
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0Byte Solutions


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